#Data19Challenge | Completed!

In November 2019, I set a personal goal to watch 12 Tableau Conference Sessions (available for free on Tableau Youtube Channel) by October 2020 and called it the #Data19Challenge. The challenge came about through a conversation with Claire Phillips about our passion for learning. There were so many great sessions we wanted to attend but couldn’t due to the shortened schedule at the 2019 Tableau Conference #Data2019. That’s when the challenge was born.

Completing a personal goal can be fulfilling in many ways, but nothing is more fulfilling than having others join you and show their support. I want to thank the Tableau #Datafam community who tweeted about the Tableau Conference sessions they watched and what they enjoyed about them the most. I want to personally thank Arlene Rose, Bryce Larsen, Darlene Adams, Carl Field, Michelle Fryman, Michelle Gaudette, Paula Munoz, Simon Beaumont, Claire Phillips, Chris McClellan, Mark Bradbourne, Ken Flerlage and the Datafam Network for the encouragement to start the #Data19Challenge and your participation. This community is amazing!

In the end, I completed the challenge and watched 12 #Data2019 sessions. I also challenged myself further and wrote about seven of the sessions and what I enjoyed most about them. The sessions I watched to complete the #Data19Challenge were:

  1. Design Secrets for Non Designers by Chantilly Jaggernauth
  2. The Tableau Twins Take You Beyond Show Me by Ken and Kevin Flerlage
  3. You Did What to Your Data? A Deep Dive into Imputing & Densifying Data by Jonathan Drummey
  4. 3, 2, 1… Two Minute Tableau Tips by Luke Stanke and Jeffrey Shaffer
  5. Contain(er) Your Excitement Dashboard Tips by Samantha Lin and Tom Christian
  6. Dashboard Design with the User in Mind by Ridhima Gupta
  7. Tableau Hacks: Use Tableau Server to Fit Your Workflow by Miranda Osterheld and Ann Ho
  8. Stanford Healthcare Advancing Patient Experience with Tableau by Evan Moh and Joshua Frost
  9. Revenue and Pricing Analysis by James Lenihan MBA CPA
  10. Tableau Extensions Security and Administration by Sean Mann and Nikhil Larkshman
  11. When Sets Rock, When Parameters Roll by Ivan Coelho and Selchuk Emin
  12. Leveraging Tableau to Drive Bottom Line Improvements in Healthcare by Michael Duke

There are over 300+ sessions from #Data2019! This is not an exhaustive list of the best sessions as there are so many amazing sessions I attended in person and still want to watch on-line. I’m so thankful to Tableau for making these videos available so that I (We) can continue our learning journey together.

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