#Data19Challenge | Dashboard Design User in Mind

After TC19 Tableau Conference, I started #Data19Challenge a personal challenge to watch 12 Tableau conference sessions and write about them. For my sixth session, I’ve chosen Dashboard Design with the User in Mind by Ridhima Gupta a Sr UX Designer at Tableau.  This is a great session for anyone who wants to learn about design thinking and the process of developing dashboards that meets the needs of the end user.   

Ridhima kicks off her presentation with a story about her hometown in India and how the architecture of the city inspired her to learn about visualization and design techniques. This sets the stage for her passionate presentation on design thinking and processes.

In her session, Ridhima covers the principles of understanding the users needs and the visual layers of dashboards. She thoroughly explains the five components of a dashboard as depicted in her presentation slide deck below.

Visual Layers of Dashboard by Ridhima Gupta

Next, Ridhima helps us understand the process of dashboard design thinking and creation. In her words its to discover, distill, ideate and validate. For each process, she does a phenomenal job of describing the components and teaches us a few techniques on how to accomplish them along the way.

Design Process by Ridhima Gupta

This session is informative, interesting and well executed. I highly recommend this session to anyone that wants to develop an organized method of gathering information to build effective dashboards for end users.

I really enjoyed her presentation. Here is a link to Ridhima Gupta’s session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhdm67yceIE

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