#Data19Challenge | Advancing Patient Experience

If you’re in healthcare and responsible for Press Ganey Survey Data and Reporting, Standford Health Care TC19 Tableau Session Advancing Patient Experience may be of interest to you.

In this session Evan Moh and Joshua Frost describe their journey with Tableau and the transformation their organization underwent to analyze and share patient experience data among their primary care offices. Like many organizations, Standford Health Care reporting was a blend of Excel spreadsheets with limited interactive capabilities and poor insights. Evan and Josh knew they needed something more, so their journey began at TC18 with only five days experience with Tableau. As Josh states during the session, “We were excited by all the work that was being done, not only in healthcare but also in other areas, that we promised ourselves we would be on stage to present in TC19”. Shout out to Evan and Josh for obtaining their goal!

Their presentation starts off with the current state of their reporting capabilities showing a few examples of their Excel reporting. This is followed by their initiative to engage the primary care physician and operational leadership in their case study to move patient experience data from a state of static reports to interactive insightful dashboards.

Once the historical foundation is set, starting at minute 15 in the session, Evan sets the stage for a before and after comparison of dashboards. He walks us through a demonstration of three first pass dashboards explaining how the end user would interact with the dashboard. This is followed by the feedback received by their leadership. Many of the enhancements requested were complex which makes the last 20 minutes of his presentation very interesting.

In the last 20 minutes, Evan explains Statistical Process Control Charts and how they went about answering leaderships question of “How good is good and How bad is bad?”. The revamped dashboards included P-Prime Charts with z-scores, regression lines, and added filters. What is most impressive is the code for the P-Prime Charts with z-scores is 11 pages long in Tableau!

Sample Code by Evan Moh, Standford Health Care TC19 Session

Overall this was a good presentation geared towards individuals working specifically with patient experience data and surveys. However, there are some key takeaways about the importance of feedback to improve the user experience that any industry could appreciate. Here is a link to the TC19 Session – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHoKr6vWutw&t=1015s

This was written as part of my #Data19Challenge to watch a minimum of 12 Tableau Sessions by TC2020.

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